14th July 2018 , 10:30 am to 18th July 2018 , 05:30 pm
14th July 2018 , 10:30 am to 18th July 2018 , 05:30 pm

Wellness Mitra making india healthy

An Entrepreneur spreading Indian Ayurveda as a Wellness Consultant making India healthy. Wellness Start Up and its need is growing gradually in each city and village of our country as Illness has choked the society. Education based wellness movement is our mission along with wellness mitra with a career beyond happiness.

Start Your Wellness Business
14th July 2018 , 10:30 am to 18th July 2018


Key Points

  • Being a Wellness Mitra it’s Wellness Entrepreneurship
  • Now, Wellness depends on alternative and complementary therapies
  • Ayurveda, Yoga, Nutrition, Weight loss, Fitness, Mind-Body, Beauty, spa & Anti-aging shooting up industries.
  • Indian Wellness Industry has Crossed 1 lakh crore
  • Wellness Mitra making india healthy

Workshop Video

Residential Training Key Focus Area

  • Wellness - An Opportunity
  • Indian Treasure & Heritage - Ayurveda & Holistic Science
  • Body Autonomy, Diseases, Root Causes
  • Indian Herbs and Benefits
  • Disorders and Re-Balancing using Ayurveda
  • Mind - Role in Preventive Health Managmnent & Healing
  • Message Therapy, Subconcious Healing, NLP
  • Lifestyle Management with Holistic Approach
  • "FWAYADA" Therapy and Its practical Aspects
  • D2N Diet and Natural Remedies
  • Routine Herbs - Cure from Kitchen
  • Special Herbs
  • Solutions by Wellmaats Aarogya Life
  • Customer Service - Shifting Attitude
  • Mitra Model - Business Opportunity
  • Maats Group and Business Platform
  • Business Startup and Key fundamentals
  • Business System Vs Self Struggle
  • Leveraging Vs Sole Working
  • Technology and Platform
  • How to leverage Business Support Tools?
  • Profitability & Structuring

Programme Benefits

  • Detailed Sessions on Business START Up.
  • Become the Certified Wellness Expert.
  • Start your own Wellness Business.
  • Start Earning 25k to 1 lac per month.
  • Opportunity to do Business PAN India.
  • Training by Industry & Wellness Experts.
  • Interaction with likeminded Entrepreneurs.

Event Details


: Rishikesh

Time & Date

: 14th July 2018 , 10:30 am
18th July 2018 , 05:30 pm


: 50 Hours in 5 Days


: 4 Nights Stay
Sharing Room
All meals including
Stationary and Certification
ID Card & Agreement.

What People Say


Our Experts

Shri Sudhir Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Being a Wellness Expert, I never ask my clients to starve or stop taking their favorite foods, it's only the frequency and portion size that matters and that is what we need to plan or reshuffle smartly. Eating should not be a punishment, but should not even let you undergo unhealthy punishments. Start DNA Foods by avoiding MRP Foods to see the magic inside.

Rajpurohit Acharya Rakesh Narayan Ji
Aarogya Acharya

Aarogya that is the wellness is directly influenced by the planets present in your birth chart. Everything in this universe is in the form of energy (Urza), which controls our body, mind and soul guided by the celestial planets and stars of the universe. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live healthy and happy.

Ashish Kumar
Business Expert

Every Business Entrepreneur has some mentors to transform one's idea into the successful business. Being a visionary executor, one must know the cycle of each parameter of the business ecosystem. Today's business has much higher expectation with faster technology, product and services change. Starts the change from inside to see the result outside.

Keshav Rao
Corporate Trainer & Life Coach

Life has multiple dimensions and balancing these all is the key component to learn success early in life. India has many aspiring and young leaders who are leading the torch of wisdom, health, happiness, financial freedom, wealth & peace across the world. Here at Maats, we provide the Platform, Promotion and Prosperity to Lead and Grow.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Modern medical science has its own role to play, but somehow, it could not prevent the society at large from life style disorders. Our Indian Ayurveda has treasure to keep our wellbeing in place. The holistic approach, alternate therapies, preventive remedies and healing therapies shall transform the families to healthy living. With rich experience in therapies, young india is leading the way.

Vaneet Sharma
Digital Marketing Expert

You own a business or don't - doesn't matter!!! BUT, you have been trapped to the Digital Era knowingly or unknowingly. Now, its your choice to go with DT or limping behind. Everything either business or non-business is on digital platform which created an opportunity to grow digitally. Maats Digital Mitra is an effort to create an opportunity by empowering the young entrepreneurs.

Wellness in Action


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