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08th Mar 2018

"Re-Shape" 120 Days Unique Program.

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Delhi NCR (08th Mar 2018) | Delhi NCR (09th Mar 2018) | Delhi NCR (10th Mar 2018)
Delhi NCR (08th Mar 2018) | Delhi NCR (09th Mar 2018) | Delhi NCR (10th Mar 2018)

Obesity is Now a Global Epidemic

India, with 41 million obese people, ranks third after the US and China in having the highest number of overweight people in the world, says a study.

Together, India and China represent 15% of the world's obese population.

Risk Of Obesity

Key Points

  • With 54 Million Obese Population, India is Third After US & China
  • Once fat, you could develop diabetes and heart disease as early in twenties.
  • Average Person goes from Healthy at 26 to obese at 38 years.
  • Almost 3 out of 4 Indians are Over Weight; 73% of Urban Indians.
  • 11 % of adolescents, and 20 % of all adults are obese and overweight in India.
  • Fatty People are not Healthy, as Healthy People are not Fat.
  • Extra Weight and Fat brings multiple disorders and illness causing alarming death in India.

Fat Free

"Re-Shape" - Fat Free India Program

An unique “FWAYADA” based 120 days weight loss program which assures your figure into the perfect shape. It is the balanced mix of Food, Water, Ayurveda empowered by Yog, Aerobics, Dance and Astro Analysis. The Subconscious healing by NLP helps programming the thalamus and pineal glands to keep the body always in shape.

Register Now "Re-Shape" Introductory Seminar
10th June 2017

"Re-Shape" 120 Days Unique Program.

100% Money Back* Guarantee.

"Re-Shape" - 120 days unique program based on "FWAYADA"

  • Train the Mind to Re-Shape the Body.
  • Heal Your Subconscious for Conscious Look.
  • 7 Live Sessions of 4 hrs each ...24 tele-coaching.
  • 120 Days Ayurvedic Supplements.
  • Water Therapy, D2N Ayurvedic Diet & Health Progress Chart.
  • Regular Health Check Up - BMI, BP, and Sugar.
  • Astro Analysis of Birth Chart for Perfect Figure and Body Shape.
  • Multiple Vouchers and Discount Card as Gift on successful completion.
  • Never ever before .. its FWAYADA special and Unique Program.

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He is a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher, a charismatic Counselor, a dynamic Motivator and a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking, tough personality and religious Thakur has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch.

Dr. Thakur is the founder member of "180degree-Transforming Lives" a unit of Maats Consultants Private Limited. He is also providing the consulting services to number of other organizations as Consultant, Director, Executive Director and Associate Director. His experience from a marketing executive to a planning director, from a lecturer to the persona development trainer, from a team builder to the stage performer; make him a Life Coach and a Human Engineer. His special personal interest in the area of Wellness and Health has made him a RENOWNED WELLNESS EXPERT with diverse knowledge on Ayurveda, Alternative Therapies, Energy Healing and Nature based techniques. With his deep study, research in the subjects he has guided many individuals to come out of life’s issues, STRESS, DISEASES, mental TRAUMA and Emotional issues.

His 20 yrs practical approach with the market, marketing team and marketing strategy benefited more than fifty thousands of young lives in various ways as a Business Mentor and more than ten thousands people in getting their Health in HARMONY with NATURE as a Wellness Expert.



He is the man of energy which he believes in the form of man or the matter. Every celestial body from the star to the dust, cell to the celebrity, man to the plants are energy. Energy controls every thing the Mind, the Body and the Soul in synchronization with celestial body. Aarogya that is “the wellness”, is directly influenced by the energy either from plants or planets or particles. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live.

Aarogyacharya Rajpurohit Rakesh Narayan is a renowned Ayurveda Expert as well as an Astrology Analyst. He has spent his whole life in the Gurukul of Vrindavan learning vedas, ayurvedas, vyakaran, jyotish and several other scriptures of hindusahitya. His study and experience empowered him the acumen insight of energy science, aastangyog and many other alternative therapies. He has been blessed with powerful speech, charismatic persona, philanthropic attitude and emotional religious intelligence. His skills of Yagyam, Tantram, Yantram and Mantram always benefits the disciples to live happy and stress free life. The great knowledge of herbs and their uses, the skills of yog, pranayama & the therapies, made him an excellent Aarogyacharya& Wellness Trainer. The way he explains the Bhagwat is mesmeric and mind blowing. His 40 years of experience bestows 180degree platform, Wellmaats Aarogya life and Maats family as a blessings from the almighty.

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  • author-22

    Thanks to Wellmaats Aarogya Life and its very cooperative counselors. I had tried almost every available means in the market and lost thousands of rupees to lose weight. Due to sitting hectic job, I could not manage exercise and gym, and even do not have time for these physical activities. One day, I received a sms and talked to the counselor not to buy but to check another cheater in the name of weight loss. Surprisingly they are different, they are very interactive, and they are helpful and talking solutions rather than sale. Their way of counseling tempted me to try for a month and I could not stop buying it. Its 3rd month, I have already lost 13.5 kg after 60days and decided to continue till desired figure.

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  • Laveesh son of Ashok Kumar, Ghaziabad started Diabetes care on 23rd Jan 2017 while sugar level was 600+. On 18th feb 2017, his Sugar Level was 249, with higher energy and charming face.