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11th June 2017

"Re-Shape" - 120 Days Unique Program.

100% Money Back* Guarantee.

South-West Delhi (Delhi) | Gurgaon (Haryana) | Kaushambi-Ghaziabad (UP) | North-West Delhi (Delhi)
South-West Delhi (Delhi) | Gurgaon (Haryana) | Kaushambi-Ghaziabad (UP) | North-West Delhi (Delhi)

"Re-Shape" - Fat Free India Program

Introductory Seminar

An unique “FWAYADA” based 120 days weight loss program which assures your figure into the perfect shape. It is the balanced mix of Food, Water, Ayurveda empowered by Yog, Aerobics, Dance and Astro Analysis. The Subconscious healing by NLP helps programming the thalamus and pineal glands to keep the body always in shape.


Key Points

  • With 54 Million Obese Population, India is Third After US & China
  • Once fat, you could develop diabetes and heart disease as early in twenties.
  • Average Person goes from Healthy at 26 to obese at 38 years.
  • Almost 3 out of 4 Indians are Over Weight; 73% of Urban Indians.
  • 11 % of adolescents, and 20 % of all adults are obese and overweight in India.
  • Fatty People are not Healthy, as Healthy People are not Fat.
  • Extra Weight and Fat brings multiple disorders and illness causing alarming death in India.

"Re-Shape" - 120 days unique program based on "FWAYADA"

  • Train the Mind to Re-Shape the Body.
  • Heal Your Subconscious for Conscious Look.
  • 7 Live Sessions of 4 hrs each ...24 tele-coaching.
  • 120 Days Ayurvedic Supplements.
  • Water Therapy, D2N Ayurvedic Diet & Health Progress Chart.
  • Regular Health Check Up - BMI, BP, and Sugar.
  • Astro Analysis of Birth Chart for Perfect Figure and Body Shape.
  • Multiple Vouchers and Discount Card as Gift on successful completion.
  • Never ever before .. its FWAYADA special and Unique Program.

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Our Experts

Shri Sudhir Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Being a Wellness Expert, I never ask my clients to starve or stop taking their favorite foods, it's only the frequency and portion size that matters and that is what we need to plan or reshuffle smartly. Eating should not be a punishment, but should not even let you undergo unhealthy punishments.

Rajpurohit Acharya Rakesh Narayan Ji
Aarogya Acharya

Aarogya that is the wellness is directly influenced by the planets present in your birth chart. Everything in this universe is in the form of energy (Urza), which controls our body, mind and soul guided by the celestial planets and stars of the universe. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live healthy and happy.

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  • author-22

    Thanks to Wellmaats Aarogya Life and its very cooperative counselors. I had tried almost every available means in the market and lost thousands of rupees to lose weight. Due to sitting hectic job, I could not manage exercise and gym, and even do not have time for these physical activities. One day, I received a sms and talked to the counselor not to buy but to check another cheater in the name of weight loss. Surprisingly they are different, they are very interactive, and they are helpful and talking solutions rather than sale. Their way of counseling tempted me to try for a month and I could not stop buying it. Its 3rd month, I have already lost 13.5 kg after 60days and decided to continue till desired figure.

Video Testimonials

  • Laveesh son of Ashok Kumar, Ghaziabad started Diabetes care on 23rd Jan 2017 while sugar level was 600+. On 18th feb 2017, his Sugar Level was 249, with higher energy and charming face.