Diabetes - a Crisis to Your Life

  • Diabetic has become Epidemic in India Now
  • India is the Diabetic Capital of the World
  • 17% plus population is suffering.
  • 10 Crore plus Type-II Diabetes
  • 8 crore plus Pre-diabetic
  • 30% in the age of 30-40 are affected
  • One out of 3 is Diabetic in Urban areas at 40-70 age
  • Pre-Diabetic is alarming at Higher Risk
  • Diabetes & related disorders have become the killer Diseases.
Reverse Diabetes Prgram


Diabetese Free India Seminar

Reverse Diabetes Program

Start knowing the facts about diabetes, causes, effects, outcomes & the remedies in a powerful session by a great wellness expert who has transformed many people's lives by guiding them on "How to Reverse the Diabetes with Nature & Ayurveda". By implementing the knowledge, you can start experiencing a Healthy lifestyle .

Programme Highlights

  • Know the Facts, Figure & Factors of this Dangerously Deadly Disease.
  • Role of Diagnosis, Drugs & Diets leading the deseases-Diabetes
  • 100% Ayurvedic & Natural Remedies by renowned Arogyacharya & Wellness Experts.
  • Know the Complications, Symptoms & Solutions to Reverse your Diabetes.
  • Learn Reverse Diabetes Process - an assurance with 120 days Transformation.
  • Questions Answers Session and Individual Counselling.
  • Entry on Fee Rs. 300/- or on Invitation by Wellness Mitras.

Workshop Video

Diabetes Free India Seminar

Programme Benefits

  • Learn to Live Healthy Life without Medicine
  • 100% Ayurvedic & Natural Remedies based on FWAYADA
  • Know "How to use" Herbs, Spices & Fruits to care Diseases.
  • Learn the perfect Use of "Panchmahabhoot"- Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space.
  • Understanding D2N Diets, Water Therapy and Subconscious Healing.
  • Start "Reverse Diabetes" process to Transform your Body, Mind & Soul.
Reverse Diabetes Prgram


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Our Experts

Rakesh Narayan Ji
Rajpurohit Acharya Rakesh Narayan Ji
Aarogya Acharya

Aarogya that is the wellness is directly influenced by the planets present in your birth chart. Everything in this universe is in the form of energy (Urza), which controls our body, mind and soul guided by the celestial planets and stars of the universe. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live healthy and happy.

Sudhir Kumar Thakur
Shri Sudhir Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Being a Wellness Expert, I never ask my clients to starve or stop taking their favorite foods, it's only the frequency and portion size that matters and that is what we need to plan or reshuffle smartly. Eating should not be a punishment, but should not even let you undergo unhealthy punishments. Start DNA Foods by avoiding MRP Foods to see the magic inside.

Ashish kumar
Ashish Kumar
Business Expert

Every Business Entrepreneur has some mentors to transform one's idea into the successful business. Being a visionary executor, one must know the cycle of each parameter of the business ecosystem. Today's business has much higher expectation with faster technology, product and services change. Starts the change from inside to see the result outside.

Keshav Rao
Keshav Rao
Corporate Trainer & Life Coach

Life has multiple dimensions and balancing these all is the key component to learn success early in life. India has many aspiring and young leaders who are leading the torch of wisdom, health, happiness, financial freedom, wealth & peace across the world. Here at Maats, we provide the Platform, Promotion and Prosperity to Lead and Grow.

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