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Dental Implants

Reverse Diabetes Program

Start knowing the facts about diabetes, causes, effects, outcomes & the remedies in a powerful session by a great wellness expert who has transformed many people's lives by guiding them on "How to Reverse the Diabetes with Nature & Ayurveda". By implementing the knowledge, you can start experiencing a Healthy lifestyle which is free of Medicines and ailments.

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Dental Implants

Diabetes Educator

Diabetes has become the epidemic in India - the Diabetic Capital of the World. Diabetes a rare disease fifty years back has become the deadly and dangerous name of each family. The modern lifestyle, food habits, working profile and competitions have created the stress, sedentary living pattern, fast food culture and passive physical workings. The SCOPE of alternative ayurvedic educators is shooting high as modern medicine doen't provide remedies.

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Medical Counseling

Wellness Mitra - Franchise Partner

An Entrepreneur spreading Indian Ayurveda as a Wellness Consultant making India healthy. Wellness Start Up and its need is growing gradually in each city and village of our country as Illness has choked the society. Education based wellness movement is our mission along with wellness mitra with a career beyond happiness.

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Blood Bank

Re-Shape (Train the Mind to Re-Shape the Body)

An unique “FWAYADA” based 120 days weight loss program which assures your figure into the perfect shape. It is the balanced mix of Food, Water, Ayurveda empowered by Yog, Aerobics, Dance and Astro Analysis. The Subconscious healing by NLP helps programming the thalamus and pineal glands to keep the body always in shape.

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Dental Implants


Every time we hang with the system, we prefer to Reboot it to start again from the beginning. Oh! Some virus must have attacked - diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol, insomnia, thyroid, PCOD or asthma; all are lifestyle disordered illness caused by the imbalance of nature and its vital elements “Panchmahabhoot”. Lets help us rebooting your system to format again in 11 moons day.

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Medicine Research

Re-Treat (ReEnergies the Life)

It is a 33 days residential program divided into four sections one in all four seasons of the year. The word rejuvenation is truly Powered by the Nature, Empowered by the Science here. The “FWAYADA” and multiple THERAPIES would mesmerize your body to realize the AANANDAM of the Mind and Soul. Believe us, it is a New Birth, it is a New Life.

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Pharmaceutical Advice

Re-Fresh (Release the Stress, Refresh the Mind)

Stress is gearing up as our expectations and commercialization of the life gears up. The 2 days residential program is focused on the ABCDE of the life which play a vital role in our relationship, career, money management, business or love. We should have “Live to Learn rather Learn to Live”, approach to enjoy the life to its maximum height.

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Individual Counseling

We value your privacy and can understand your personal traits. Wellmaats care you and your emotions by respecting your personal information. Individual tele-counseling, emails and social app help you a lot.

Q/A Session

Asking is the knowing. Many of us suffer because we don’t ask questions or never bother to know the facts. Information delivered correctly can minimize one’s fear factor and can enhance the immunity to fight against.

100% Ayurvedic & Natural

Ayurveda is defined from the nature, by the nature and for the nature. Wellmaats believes that each particle of human life can be balanced by the particles of the nature itself.

Renowned Aarogya Acharya

- Aarogya is the state of health balanced by the habits of day to day life style. Acharya is the teacher having valuable knowledge of the subjects. Sh. Sudhir Kumar Thakur and his associates help you living healthy.


Our Experts

Shri Sudhir Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Being a Wellness Expert, I never ask my clients to starve or stop taking their favorite foods, it's only the frequency and portion size that matters and that is what we need to plan or reshuffle smartly. Eating should not be a punishment, but should not even let you undergo unhealthy punishments. Start DNA Foods by avoiding MRP Foods to see the magic inside.

Rajpurohit Acharya Rakesh Narayan Ji
Aarogya Acharya

Aarogya that is the wellness is directly influenced by the planets present in your birth chart. Everything in this universe is in the form of energy (Urza), which controls our body, mind and soul guided by the celestial planets and stars of the universe. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live healthy and happy.

Ashish Kumar
Business Expert

Every Business Entrepreneur has some mentors to transform one's idea into the successful business. Being a visionary executor, one must know the cycle of each parameter of the business ecosystem. Today's business has much higher expectation with faster technology, product and services change. Starts the change from inside to see the result outside.

Keshav Rao
Corporate Trainer & Life Coach

Life has multiple dimensions and balancing these all is the key component to learn success early in life. India has many aspiring and young leaders who are leading the torch of wisdom, health, happiness, financial freedom, wealth & peace across the world. Here at Maats, we provide the Platform, Promotion and Prosperity to Lead and Grow.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Thakur
Wellness Expert

Modern medical science has its own role to play, but somehow, it could not prevent the society at large from life style disorders. Our Indian Ayurveda has treasure to keep our wellbeing in place. The holistic approach, alternate therapies, preventive remedies and healing therapies shall transform the families to healthy living. With rich experience in therapies, young india is leading the way.

Vaneet Sharma
Digital Marketing Expert

You own a business or don't - doesn't matter!!! BUT, you have been trapped to the Digital Era knowingly or unknowingly. Now, its your choice to go with DT or limping behind. Everything either business or non-business is on digital platform which created an opportunity to grow digitally. Maats Digital Mitra is an effort to create an opportunity by empowering the young entrepreneurs.

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  • author-22

    was suffering from diabetes, indigestion and low hemoglobin. Last year my Hb count went to 5.5 which took me to hospital for a week where extra blood was supplied to my body to save me. Thanks to Wellmaats and its wonderful products especially Nutra1st and Diabof9 which helped to regain my Hb count 12 plus and also controlled my sugar level to 95-112. I recommended to many of my friends just for their blessings.

  • author-11

    Thanks to Wellmaats Aarogya Life and its very cooperative counselors. I had tried almost every available means in the market and lost thousands of rupees to lose weight. Due to sitting hectic job, I could not manage exercise and gym, and even do not have time for these physical activities. One day, I received a sms and talked to the counselor not to buy but to check another cheater in the name of weight loss. Surprisingly they are different, they are very interactive, and they are helpful and talking solutions rather than sale. Their way of counseling tempted me to try for a month and I could not stop buying it. Its 3rd month, I have already lost 13.5 kg after 60days and decided to continue till desired figure.